Anti-Trafficking Tuesday: Move Faster, Don’t Be Cynical

13 March, 2012

in Human Trafficking & Social Justice

///Hello! If you’re new, Anti-Trafficking Tuesday is a weekly post discussing modern slavery, associated social justice issues, and how these interact with modern handmade culture.///

The BBC, the Irish Times, and MSNBC are all reporting on China’s report on rescuing of 24,000 women and children from human trafficking last year.


In one country.

In one year.

Here in the USA, West Virginia, one of my home states, just became the 49th state to advance a human trafficking bill.

In 2012.

We need to move faster.


And I’d like to add one more thing.

Sometimes I hear people criticize others for getting involved in causes, saying they’re “just doing it because it’s the hot topic of the day.”

To which I respond, “Who cares?”

This is attitude is so stupid.

Cynicism will make you and break you faster than the thing you doubt.

Problems and brokenness need fixed.

At one point, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade of Africans, women’s right to vote, the Civil Rights Movement, children working in our factories, etc.. were all the hot topics of the day.  For a reason.

I think that sometimes in America we are so worried about being individuals, that we take coolness to the level of not joining in with worthy causes.

It’s more important to make sure you’re doing good than to make sure you’re different than everybody else.

Cynicism will not change the problems in your life or the world.

Cynicism will not stop human trafficking.

And at the end of the day, it’s really just Apathy in a snarky hat.

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BrandyNo Gravatar

Yes! I agree! Who cares if everyone is jumping on the bandwagon – be it going green or stopping Joseph Kony? Seriously, there IS a reason. Amen! Let’s all jump on the one that’s heading to stop human trafficking! Then, let’s actually stop it!

Love this post. Hope your 2012 is starting out right. How’s life in Michigan?


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thanks, Brandy! I’m concerned that we’ve gotten so sarcastic, critical, and even “good critiques” of everything that we forget to just get stuff done. 2012 is starting out pretty well. Life is MI is way warmer than normal and I’m loving it. :)


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