Anti-Trafficking Tuesday: Human Trafficking Infographic

5 June, 2012

in Human Trafficking & Social Justice

Sometimes it’s the individual story. Sometimes it’s just being reminded of the largeness of the problem.

This is a few years old now, but sadly, the statistics are still close to this.

It especially sinks in when you see all those logos at the bottom.

Human trafficking is the issue of our time and we need to start treating it as such.

Image courtesy, via Half the Sky.

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pamNo Gravatar

Every word was sobering . And then i read that figure = $32 Billion. What a shock to see that it exceeds the profits from so many huge companies. But not a surprise is it? Something has to be driving human trafficking. Like drug trafficking and prostitution and identity theft – it is money. Billions of dollars.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Yes, money. People do what is profitable. Under the money reason, greed.


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