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Self-portrait of a voter. Happy Election Day!! xoxo

Hello, my friend! My name is Elizabeth Rogers Drouillard. I love to dabble in many creative pursuits and am passionate about social justice issues, particularly fighting human trafficking. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. It’s awesome because we now have ArtPrize and have always loved being a half hour from Lake Michigan. I’m married to Joe and we have 3 little boys who are our constant delight.

Things Bright chronicles my craft exploits in crochet, fabric, and art journaling, my love of all things colorful, and my current art and design inspirations. Lately I’ve been exploring Tunisian Crochet a lot!

On Tuesdays I often highlight global anti-trafficking issues and write about the connections between truly valuing handmade and fighting human trafficking.

On Fridays I put up Into the Woods to remind us to get off our screens and enjoy the great outdoors.

I also write pretty regularly about learning to transform myself from a scatterbrained crafter/artsy person with 50 started-but-unfinished projects into a focused business creative. It’s a bumpy ride and I’m learning a ton!

Eli's Granny Square Blanket 3

Like all my bios say, I love God, love people, and love making things. I would be remiss not to point out on my about page that it’s my belief in a Creator who loves us all, no matter what, more than we can imagine, that drives my creative and social justice pursuits. I prefer to work to show people that rather than write a lot about it, but would totally love chatting about life, love, God, and the universe one on one if you are so inclined.

Come tell me about your life and pursuits! What do you make? What do you do? Chat here:

Things Bright on Twitter It’s the fastest way to reach me, as I check in for some crafty chai-break chat regularly Monday-Friday. I tend to drop off on the weekends to concentrate more on family time.

All Things Bright on Flickr holds my photos and if you need more bright things, get a great dose in my favorites.

Pinterest holds more and more of my bookmarks and gives you a sneak peek into some of what’s coming.

My email is elizabeth (@) thingsbright.com

Thank you so much for taking a moment of your time to get to know me! 

If you want, you can read more about me here.

Much love,


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elizabeth mullenNo Gravatar

love the nautical crochet blantet!! is the pattern availble to purchase or download?


ElizabethNo Gravatar

The crochet nautical blanket was from a Flickr photo that says it’s from the book, Afghans, Traditional and Modern.


donna russellNo Gravatar

i saw a pattern for sports toys in annie crochet newsletter volumn 1 do you know where i can get a copy to get the pattern

my name is donna and the email is donutissleepy@yahoo.com
thank you


EvaNo Gravatar

Hi there,

I love your site, you have so much amazing stuff, I’m…well, amazed ;)
Just one quick question though: the picture you use to link to your Tunisian crochet project (http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7153/6709832051_bd4b4eb4e0_z.jpg) shows this amazing scarf that I would just LOVE to try make myself but I can’t seem to find a tutorial or a link to a book where it’s explained anywhere.
Did I overlook it, or could you point me in the right direction, please?

TIA – Eva


ElizabethNo Gravatar


That bright Tunisian crochet scarf was made for CraftSanity Magazine Issue 5 and it is for sale here. I talk about the issue in this blog post and there’s also another photo of it. If you need more help, let me know! I’m going to change the link to that photo now to make it more obvious for people stopping by – thanks for the reminder!

I’m so glad you like my work! Thanks for stopping by!


CarolNo Gravatar

I would love to order some of the glass blown ornaments but I can’t figure out how.


Andrew howardNo Gravatar

Hi! Whats your cards app brand number? greets


Kathy HeywoodNo Gravatar

Love your website. Recently saw a Guatemalan Arpillera under your site showing the 3 -D needlework weaving of natives weaving, farming, etc. I am going to Guatemala very soon and have always wanted to see more of these. Is there anyplace or village you can recommend where I might go to watch this craft in progress or view them or purchase one that I just can’t live without. Thank you – will be visiting your site often now that I discovered it. amazing things. K


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