A Finally Finished Crochet Afghan

18 September, 2012

in Crocheting & Knitting

vintage crochet afghan

This is a story of an afghan finally finished.

And how it’s arrival helped keep me on my path from an Always-Starting-Things person to also an Always-Finishing-Things person.

My long-time friend, while helping her mom downsize for a house-to-condo move, recently called and said, “My mom started this old afghan and never finished it – would you like it? And her yarn and old craft books, too?”


(I think she also mentioned something along the lines of, “It’s really more your style and colors than mine” in a tone that suggested that she was really not into it.  I mean, what’s not to love about this? Haha! )

"My mom started this old afghan & never finished it- would you like it? And her yarn & old craft books?" Um, yes!! #craftynerd #crochet #vintage

When I received the afghan, was I delighted with the 70s autumn colors and chevron love. But I was amazed to see that the only thing that was “unfinished” about this afghan was one side of ends that needed to be woven in!


vintage crochet chevron afghan

So many questions…

Why didn’t it get finished with so little left to do? Did she get sick of the colors? Was it for someone else and they had a falling out or passed away? Did she have so many other projects and just life going that she simply forgot about it? When it was rediscovered, why didn’t she want it?

And lastly, how sad is it that this blanket sat unused and unloved for 30 or 40 years simply because of a few ends?

How many afghans (and quilts!) sit unused in the closets of America but for a little finishing touches?

vintage picnic

These wonderings led me to three conclusions:

1. Time for some fall picnics – this afghan must be loved!
2. I AM going to Finally Finish my own ever-present afghan and not let this occur in my house.
3. Maybe I should have a Finally Finished Party and have people drag out their almost-done afghans? Complete with little award ribbons saying “Finally Finished!!” How fun would that be?!

Now, confession time – Do you have any almost done afghans in your closets at home?  They are not skeletons you know…time to drag them out!  Please tell me your story in the comments!


p.s. I put up a mini round-up of vintage chevron afghans yesterday if you want one of your own.

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mudintheusaNo Gravatar

I have an afghan in a drawer. I don’t work on it because the pattern is frustrating and I’m not sure if the colors are going to work. And there is no deadline. If I HAD to have it made by — a birthday or something it MIGHT get made, but for now it’s just sitting. It is rectangles of different crochet patterns, and I changed the colors from those suggested… and it’s not looking pretty. my dad said, “if you just did one square a day, you’d be done in a month.” He was right…three years ago.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thank you so much for your story! I am so interested in what keeps us from finishing and what finally gets us there. Do you even want to finish it? Could you give it to someone else to complete? Or make the squares into something else entirely, like potholders? Have you thought about switching out one or two of the colors you don’t like with new ones? Or just donating the pile to Goodwill?

I’d love to hear what your further thoughts are on what you think will help you come to a satisfactory conclusion!!


Sister DianeNo Gravatar

Oh, this is a beautiful piece! I’m so glad it has a perfect home with you now.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but my granny square afghan is unfinished AND in active use, with thread ends hanging off it and everything. I ran out of yarn with 2 1/2 sides of edging left to do, and just haven’t gotten around to ordering more yarn. And the cat uses this afghan so often, I’d be hard pressed to get in the crochet time to finish it anyway.

(Fact: if I invite the cat to sit in my lap, he’s all “Hmmm… I don’t know, let me consider this.” If I spread the afghan on my lap, he’s all “Ooh! Lap Time! Goody! Let me get settled in!”)


ElizabethNo Gravatar


Thank you for stopping by! I read some of your post recently on having time to comment so I really value it. :)

And thanks for sharing your afghan story. What do you think will finally push you over the edge – ordering the yarn?Doing crafts while “the baby naps”? ;)

I have learned the hard, as in long and arduous way to do my best to order the correct amount of yarn at the beginning. That’s the reason my upcoming afghan took for-ever.

Active use is good, though. I end up using more of my afghans before they are finished – I’m a wimp and get cold easily.

I want to know when you finally get it done and what made that happen!!


marylouNo Gravatar

I have one that has to be done and mailed to a college freshman in Michigan. Now that it’s cooling down I will be able to stand to have it on my lap while I crochet.


ElizabethNo Gravatar

I hear you there – unless it’s an air conditioned road trip, they are a pretty hefty project for summer time!


Erin Fickert-RowlandNo Gravatar

I would sign up for the Finally Finished Party- I have a few of those lying about!! I love the afghan- and what a beautiful, thoughtful post! Enjoy the coziness this fall!


ElizabethNo Gravatar

Thank you!


LindaNo Gravatar

I’ve started a Finish It Club for my library teens. It doesn’t matter to me what project they haul in, they just have to finish it. I am prey to despair in the last quarter of a project. I just want to be done! I found that lots of people feel that way so I’m trying to give my teens a chance to feel that good feeling when you do finish something that you’ve really worked hard on.

(That’s not to say that I don’t have an unfinished Teresa Wentzler cross stitch hiding in the depths of my craft closet – it’s just that I’m working on my Christmas gifts now. That’s all. ;) )


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